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Track Hotline   940-268-5405
President DJ Ortiz 214-215-7704
Vice President Bob Schabel 972-221-2567
Secretary Matt Graybiel 817-329-9831
Treasurer Dan Esparza 469-628-3451
Membership Monica Bradley 940-535-4734
Board of Directors Boyd Atherton 682-551-7908
  Ken Gray 817-233-4345
  John Towne 940-368-3440
  Marc Breuning 573-280-0407
  Jonathan Ewing 214-325-4985
  Bob Daigneault 214-250-8524
Registration Bob Schabel 972-221-2567
Scoring Bob Daigneault 214-250-8524
Points Chairman Bob Daigneault 214-250-8524
Awards Chairman Monica Bradley 940-535-4734
Track Manager  John Ray  214-357-0545
Track Manager Assistant Tony Hager 940-597-3006
Track Manager Assistant  John Towne  940-368-3440 
Track Manager Assistant Andy Miller  940-641-1787
Publicity Chairman Peter Everitt 214-796-3891 
Newsletter John Bradley 817-680-9086
Webmaster & Forum Admin Bob Daigneault 214-250-8524

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